Swat Saidu Sharif


Saidu Sharif is located in Tehsil Babuzai in Swat district of Khyber agency. Saidu Sharif is known for it’s rich history and beauty. It has archeological sites such as the Swat museum, and Buddhist Stupa.

Located inside the beautiful Hindukush mountains, you too can enjoy magnificent views.

Things to do in Saidu Shairf:

  1. Handicraft arts exhibition by the women of Swat.
  2. Saidu Sharif Airport, yes even if you are not travelling by Air. You must visit the airport and be awed by beauty and how different this flying experience could be in the middle of high mountains.
  3. Visit Swat Museum for archeological collections and interest
  4. Visit Jambil valley for Archeological sites
  5. Visit Saidu Stupa

If you want to book hotel room in Swat (Saidu Sharif) then call +92-0304-2102143


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